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Dinosaur Roar Rampage Kids 3D

Jeux de simulation Éducatif

Play and rampage with fun toy Dinosaurs! I loved playing with my toy dinosaurs as a small child, so I worked with my children to make a simple, easy to play with toy dino app. It has awesome roaring, running, attacking 3D dinosaurs with lots of levels to play in. Take your toy dino on a rampage or race with other dinos!
Select you favorite dinosaur from T Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and more! Rampage swamp, city, volcano levels, and more!
Plus we added fun facts and dino stats at each level for your kids to learn as they play.
My three year-old loves it, and we hope your little kids love it, too!
• High resolution, interactive, 3D dinosaurs with roars and animations! • Easy, clear button controls for little fingers • Fun facts to help kids learn • Lots of fun levels and different dinos to choose from!